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This is the place to learn more about my book of poetry, “I Have His Letters Still”,  $ 11.95, Infinity Publishing.  To order an autographed please click on:


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By clicking on the cover of the book, in the post just immediately below,  you can read excerpts and some of the poetry in a digital copy.

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Ray Brown

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Read excerpts from “I Have His Letters Still”

cover by Teresa Alessandria De Sapio of TADS-Art & Illustration

Click on the cover of my book to the left, and explore the excerpts, including the table of contents and some preview poetry.  The cover was designed by my daughter, Teresa Alessandria De Sapio of TADS-Art & Illustration.  To contact Teresa for artwork in connection with a project you can email me at poetraybrown@earthlink.net.

Please read – I hope you enjoy the excerpt version.

Ray Brown

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The Title Poem – I Have His Letters Still


This is the title poem from the book.  To read more excerpt poems, click on the cover below and you will be taken to a digital book.  Enjoy.  To order ($11.95) go to http://poet-ray-brown.com/ or order on Amazon http://tinyurl.com/RayBrownAmazon  

Cover design by Teresa Alessandria De Sapio of TADS-Art & Illustration


When I was young
they were kept in a shoebox.
Then, in late middle age,
in an old leather correspondence case,
found at a flea market,
kept in the bottom desk drawer.      

Handwritten in flowing cursive script
by original Lewis Waterman pen
point dipped in a well
the fountain of personal essence
the blue flowed with emotion
like the waters of life.      

Soul captured not by Lucifer
but by the fiber of the paper
crafted in Egypt along the Nile
history nested so deeply between the reeds
weaved invisibly
between the threads of papyrus.      

The envelope, self-sealed in a meticulous way
with wax, monogrammed
engraved so beautifully on the back.
The Steamboat Savannah stamp
hand canceled – May 24, 1944
a distinctive ink which marked its journey
as would a traveler his journal
from South Carolina to Baptistown, NJ.      

I treasure this letter, and its envelope.
When I pick it up and read
I feel him rising
through the warmth of the words,
grasping my hand…
this post saved in the attic of my memories.      

While I have other poets today
their presence I see just fleetingly
on the computer screen,
my palm touch against the monitor
only makes work for me
with Windex.      

Though a friend taught me about the “Save” button
I feel as if I have saved nothing, and lost much
each time I push/click –
their correspondence lost –
in impersonal set aside.      

Why time took this treasured means of human discourse
there is no answer.
Does it have no sense of history –
Upon my death, for what
will they use my leather satchel?      

Thankfully — I have his letters still.     

Ray Brown

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